My sketch which is inspired by this post.

Here is a photo shoot with some friends of mine at a local park.  We created an environment filled with fun and memorable moments and captured this in pictures.  Our picnic party included a delicious birthday cake, drinks, and colorful decorations all to enjoy the picnic.  We wore fun flowing dresses to suit the festive mood along with colorful jewelry and head bands.  Our photo shoot was filled with happiness, joy, color, and taste.

Who knew that Cleopatra wore a leopard head band?
Leopard is the hottest trend this season.

Notice how the bracelets and the sun glasses add to the fun atmosphere.
 Our  great Makeup Artist, Noga.
Nothing better than just having fun with friends.

 Have a lovely week,

Stylist: Talia Zoref
Makeup Artist: Noga Eldar
Models: Talia Zoref, Ariel Saka, Anat Flashner 
Editor: Tracey Belchetz


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